Sport Psychology Seminar with Dr. John Heil

Sport Psychology Seminar with Dr. John Heil

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Saturday, February 2nd, @ 5-6:30pm @ the Competition Hall at Gaylord National Harbor

The Seminar:

A must for both competitors and parents alike, this seminar will focus on how to gain a psychological edge in competition through the use of mental training, concentration and refocusing, imagery, mental practice, and developing performance routines.

Topics include:

- The “Zone” and Sport Psychology
- Intensity Control
- Balancing Emotion and Logic
- Fencing the Critical Touch
- Competition Game Day Plan
- Dealing with Fear and Stress

Q&A Session to Follow

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The Presenter

Dr. John Heil is the former chair of USA Fencing Sports Medicine and Science, the Sport Psychologist for the 1996, 2000, and 2004 U.S. Olympic Teams, and the editor of the Sport Science column in American Fencing Magazine, and served as President of the American Psychological Association Society for Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology.